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Done with Podman

Throwing podman into the trash
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I have had it with podman. I’m done with podman.


My blog went down, as I host it in a podman pod, and they broke things and didn’t bother to release a bugfix patch for the 3.x series. “Just use 4.0.” That’d be a reasonable answer if there’s a way to get 4.x on an ubuntu distribution.

There isn’t, because RedHat is hard opposed to the adoption of podman in Debian-based distros, I guess. So, that left me in a very broken state. I spent about 3 hours digging to try to find something that wasn’t directly connected to Kubernetes. It seems I’m in a minority of people that actually use podman. Well, not anymore!

The root problem is that inside the pod, the names stopped being added to the /etc/hosts, so containers that referenced other containers in the network namespace suddenly lost them. I didn’t have good enough monitoring on it to know that it was no longer up. That one is on me. I’ve made some changes there to make sure that at least I’ll know when it goes down again.

Docker compose does not give me this grief, so I’m not going to worry about it anymore, and I’m just going to go back to using docker.

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