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SD Card died in the 3d Printer, so DietPi!

Voron 2.4 350mm

I’ve finally had an SD card die on me in a Raspberry Pi. It ran in my Voron 2.4 3d Printer, so it did get some significant writes.

Since I had to replace all the OS, I decided to go with DietPi, this time instead of using Raspbian. There’s a few reasons to give this a shot.

  • Less writes to the SD card
  • Less things running
  • A very minimum install
  • Boots faster
  • Debian based

Since it’s Debian based, all the Raspbian based tools should work just fine. I set everything up for klipper using kiauh.

It took a little bit more work to install, but not much. Certainly not beyond anyone who’s run any linux server.

So far it’s been printing just fine and scooting along really well. My display works, all the MCU communication works. Everything is great.

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